M Soma Institute is dedicated to increase the number of skilled software developers in East Africa, while reinventing the way we prepare individuals to be successful in IT careers. We aim to directly address the shortage of software developers in Kenya, as well as the high cost of pursuing Computer Science courses in tertiary institutions.


We focus on teaching skills that are readily transferable from one field to another, so that our students can be adaptable and flexible for all types of software developments positions. We focus on the fundamentals of object oriented programming in languages like Java, Python, and C++. We also cover web design and development languages HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.


With our annual June bootcamps, we focus on developing creativity, teamwork, business and leadership skills among our scholars. We train them to fully leverage on their unique strengths and talents in a way that enhances their chances for professional success. We encourage our scholars to come up with creative solutions and new energy to solve the complex challenges that we face in our world.


We incorporate an ethics course in our curriculum to challenge our scholars to be socially conscious, and work towards their goals while grounded in their deepest values. We prepare them to recognize and react to situations that may require ethical decision making.

East Africa's budding tech ecosystem


East Africa has a promising tech sector - a growing patchwork of innovation centers, and entrepreneurs. Several markers have positioned Kenya as the continent's "Silicon Savannah", a moniker adopted in lieu of innovations in mobile money, global crowdsourcing apps (Ushahidi), and Africa's tech incubators (iHub). With the growing permanent community spaces/hubs in major cities across the country, a focus on educating young developers would ensure that they tap into these opportunities to improve their lives and that of their communities.